The New Start Legacy

The New Start Legacy is a Build Newcrest story which is about 70% Sim-Driven. I started out with the idea that it would be purely Sim-Driven but I found it just too tempting to meddle! To find out more about the Build Newcrest legacy challenge, click here.

I’ve made a few alterations to the rules because I found myself getting very bored very quickly with legacy challenges in the past, particularly in the case of the Build Newcrest challenge which doesn’t have a strict financial limit when you start. So:

  • first rule I changed: I reset the funds my founder, Valerie, had after buying her plot of land to §1,800, as it would have been if I’d been starting a traditional legacy.
  • second rule I changed: After building Valerie’s house, I decided she could only plant in planter boxes and pots. This is because I always found I made too much money too quickly and found there wasn’t any challenge without putting that kind of limit on myself!
  • third rule I changed: Admittedly, not so much of a rule, more of a gameplay decision. I used MC Command Centre to make every WooHoo carry a chance of resulting in pregnancy, to add a little more unpredictability to the game!

Since this is a Build Newcrest legacy, there are no succession laws in place. However, I already know that the second generation heir is going to be chosen based on story decisions rather than traits or suitability. You’ll see soon 😉

Generation One