1.5: Johnny’s Other Life

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The casual arrangement between Johnny and Valerie was working out very well for him. When they met, Valerie had been so preoccupied by her need for romance that she hadn’t even thought to ask if he was single. And as it turned out, he wasn’t; but the love of his life, Katrina, had someone else as the love of her life, and was pregnant with his child. She just enjoyed the love showered on her by Johnny.

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Johnny doted on her, and treated her like the queen she knew she was. He looked at her as if she were the most beautiful woman alive, because in his eyes, she was. Even though he knew that he would always be second-best to Don Lothario, a womanizing commitmentphobe openly cheating on Katrina with her daughter, being near her was enough.

With Katrina, Johnny felt like he could truly be himself: charming, playful, but hard-working and serious about his career. He didn’t know how to show any of this to Valerie. She was a mistake, one that he’d have to pay for. Still, hopefully it wouldn’t take long for him to earn enough money to move back into his trailer.

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It worked out very well for Johnny that he wasn’t bound by the same geographic restrictions as Valerie, as it freed him up to return to his hometown, Oasis Springs, to maintain his old friendships and dote on Katrina’s unborn child. He wished more than anything that his baby had landed in Katrina rather than Valerie, but he knew that Katrina would never take the chance of coming home to Don with somebody else’s child. She loved him too much.

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Back in Newcrest, Johnny made the most of Valerie’s fishing habits to get to spend some time with Katrina, away from the eyes of Don’s friends and neighbours. He loved showing her the sights, as the neighbourhood was full of beautiful pink-leaved trees, rose bushes and strawberry plants. No wonder Simsville Council wanted to make the most of the fertile soil and have Valerie produce eight perfect crops.

“Hey, Katrina,” Johnny said, “this is the end of the tour. This bush is a special, beautiful, rare bush. There aren’t any like it in Oasis Springs or Willow Creek! What do you think of that?”

“Impressive,” Katrina replied, “I’ve never seen anything quite like it! I do love the things you show me, Johnny. Spending time with you, I see the world as you do: full of opportunity.”

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“Well,” Johnny said pulling Katrina towards him, “this bush is one of opportunity. This is our chance, Kat. You’re already pregnant, so there’s no risk at all of an accident happening. We can finally be together. What do you think?”

Katrina laughed a high, musical laugh. “You’ve really planned for this, haven’t you?” she asked him, equal parts drawn in by the amount he’d clearly been planning this and utterly unsurprised by his very typical and expected male hopefulness. “You know, Johnny, I think you’re right. This could be one of the only chances we get… And I’d be lying if I said I never dreamt about what you’re like in the… well, bush.”

Johnny grinned, brimming with excitement. “You know how much I’ve thought about you, Kat… every time we’re together, every time I look at you, I know you can tell just by looking in my eyes what I’m thinking about.”

01-09-19_6:32:32 pm

Their first WooHoo was special, and romantic, and a little uncomfortable owing to all the twigs. Johnny thought to himself as he climbed out of the bush that there was no comparison to what he had experienced with Valerie. It had been fun, sure, but without the deep emotional connection he and Katrina had developed, it couldn’t have possibly compared. Things were going swimmingly with Katrina. Even though his arrangement with Valerie was casual, he still knew it was important she didn’t know about his true love; after all, she might kick him out and leave him penniless, unable to buy back his caravan. Women were fickle like that. Still, it wouldn’t be long until he would have enough money to move back home, and have his life back how it used to be.

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When Valerie returned home from visiting the park to fish, she knew something was amiss. The bush had developed the stink of something rotten, and Johnny was nowhere to be seen. She was sure he wasn’t meant to be working today, and couldn’t help but worry about where he could be. In spite of herself, no matter how much she told herself that he was unattractive and unreliable, part of her still cared about him a lot. Maybe it was the child growing inside her making her feel this way, creating an unbreakable bond to him. Maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones. Either way, as her stomach grew, so did her feelings for him, and her regret over offering him a casual arrangement…

Note from the Author: Sorry this update is coming a little late! Been a busy weekend with campaigning to save one of the venues I work at so haven’t had time for Simming. Next update coming on the 24th at 7pm GMT promptly! Hope you enjoyed 🙂


7 thoughts on “1.5: Johnny’s Other Life

  1. I’ve been playing as Johnny recently in Get Famous. I don’t think he’s unattractive… especially after having him hang out at the gym in Del Sol Valley all day spotting celebrities – he developed six pack abs and muscular arms lol 😂

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    1. Honestly I don’t think he’s overly unattractive either, I mostly just thought it would be funny if Valerie felt that way 😂 I really liked the idea of her seeing him as this weird ugly loser but she was wrong and didn’t realise what she was missing… and I can imagine turning into a muscle bro definitely does a lot for him!! 😂

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  2. Oh my gosh ! This story is so fun! I just plopped into the middle, starting here (which is a great place to start, by the way ! ), and I’m looking forward to making some time to catch up from the beginning !


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