1.2: Any Man Will Do

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The next morning, Valerie woke up and realised Newcrest didn’t have any toilets yet. Luckily, there was a nearby bush which filled the role nicely. “I wonder what else this bush could be used for,” she thought to herself with a conspiratorial smirk.

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After taking care of the first pressing need of the day, Valerie decided to head back to the river and try and earn some money for a second planter box and a trash can – the dishes in her tiny house were piling up quickly! She caught a few Cilchid, but that wasn’t going to cut it if she needed lots of money. Still, every penny helped at this point.

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Luckily it wasn’t long before Valerie caught some bigger fish, including her first salmon! It couldn’t have come sooner, as she was beginning to stink from the lack of having a shower at her house. Perhaps she’d have to reassess her priorities and buy a shower before a trash can.

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Valerie went back home to have a shower and a breakfast of granola, and knew she’d made the right decision. She could handle her house stinking for a little longer, but she couldn’t handle having a layer of grime around herself all the time. She used the rest of the money from her fish to buy another planter box, and then headed outdoors to tend to her garden.

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As she stepped outside, Valerie was thrilled to find that her plants had grown enough for her to do her first ever harvest! It was a deeply satisfying feeling to hold the flowers she’d grown herself up to her nose and enjoy the beautiful smell. She sold most of the harvest, but kept a few back to plant in the new box she’d bought with the money from her fish.

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To celebrate her first successful harvest, Valerie decided to treat herself to a meal that wasn’t granola. But when she got to the food stall, she was distracted from thoughts of food by the vendor himself, who seemed more handsome than the last time Valerie had seen him. Perhaps it was the lack of male company in Newcrest that was making her appreciate him, but that didn’t diminish her feelings.

“Hey, my name’s Valerie, by the way. I’ve noticed you work here quite a lot, is it your stall?” She fluttered her eyelashes as she spoke, hoping he would notice her good looks. If there was one thing Valerie knew she was good at, it was making the opposite sex fall for her, and she was laying it on thick this time.

“Er, yeah, it is. Do you want popcorn shrimp again?” He spoke curtly, and was visibly uncomfortable. Perhaps she wasn’t such a femme fatale, then. Probably for the best, given his suspected connection with the fish-burying cult.

“Um, yeah, that sounds nice. Thanks.” Valerie took her food and strutted away, a little deflated and her ego a little bruised, but still feeling in desparate need of some attention from a man – any man.

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It wasn’t long before she found another man. Valerie was thoroughly unimpressed by his fashion choices, his eyes were too close together, and he had a distinct hunch. Normally, Valerie wouldn’t notice him if he ran up to her and screamed in her face, but it had been nearly three days since Valerie had been in any situation where she could flirt, and the tension was really taking its toll on her.

“Hey, I’m Valerie Newcrest. What’s your name?” She crooned sweetly.

“Hi, I’m Johnny,” the stranger replied. “Newcrest, huh? Isn’t that what Simsville Council are naming this new town?”

“That’s right, they’re naming it after yours truly!” Valerie took an exaggerated bow as she spoke, letting her charisma work for her and win the stranger over.

“I guess I’m in the presence of greatness, then,” Johnny replied glibly. He was certainly to be picking up on the less-than-subtle hints Valerie was sending, and was thoroughly appreciative of the attention. “I guess he doesn’t get this kind of attention often,” Valerie thought to herself.

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As time continued to pass, Valerie continued to work her charms on the stranger and bring him ever closer to her. If anything, the tension she was feeling from a lack of romantic interactions was only getting worse, building up inside her into a stronger and stronger desire for this average man whose name she had already forgotten. Jimmy? Jackie?

01-06-19_11:39:21 PM.png

Despite not remembering his name, Valerie continued her full charm offensive, and it was definitely paying off. She presented him with a rose she’d found while exploring Newcrest, and he swooned. Like a black widow, she had thoroughly trapped him in her net…

01-06-19_11:40:26 PM.png

…And he didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Hey, so, handsome,” Valerie said coyly, leaning in towards him. “There’s this really great bush near my house. Wanna come check it out?”

01-06-19_11:43:38 PM.png

Not a very conventional pick-up line, but it seemed to work nonetheless!


Note from the Author: Thanks for reading the second installment! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂

Next chapter will be out at 7pm GMT on 14th January 2019.

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